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"Let your horses run freely, feed them from the green fields and meadows, and let your horses drink from your well. If you do this, you will be rewarded on judgement day."    ~ from an old Bedouin Legend

Welcome to Rose of Cairo Arabians.....where our most Precious Treasures are our Straight Egyptian Mares.  Thousands of years of rich desert heritage flow through their veins.  Classic Beauty, Extraordinary Type, Athletic Movement, and Superb Conformation, combined with the people-loving Temperament for which Arabians are known, are the traits for which we breed... To create a useful, functional and breathtakingly beautiful horse to love, to ride, to show, to be your Best Friend! Please take your time to learn about our horses and who we are and contact us if we can help You find ~ or breed ~

Your Dream Horse!




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